Friday, December 4, 2009

Poison Control

So, last night I had to make a call to Poison Control! The dog is on antibiotics for a tooth infection. I just put the pill in her bowl with her food in the mornings along with her arthritis medicine. When I got home yesterday, I noticed that the antibiotic was still in the bowl and all the food was gone... Apparently, Cookie is smarter than I thought. Later on, I went to stir dinner on the stove and obviously wasn't thinking about making sure that Hayden didn't make her way to the dog bowl. So, I hear the water bowl and food bowl start banging together like cymbals in the background. Oh crap! I remember that that pill was in the dog bowl. So, I run over there and it is gone! I run my fingers through Hayden's mouth- nothing. I look all around the dog bowl- nothing. So one of two things happened: Cookie ate it and I didn't notice or Hayden ate it. I freaked right about the time that Chip got home. So, I called Poison Control and they told me that the antibiotic is also prescribed to humans and that it was ok and at worst she would have stomach upset. Whew! I think I should start feeding the dog outside!

Out shopping after Thanksgiving. I know to pose with a pretty scarf on!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things Hayden likes to do...

Stroller rides to the park are definitely in Hay Hay's top 5!

Hayden enjoys working on Aunt Ash's laptop... She even knows how to use the mouse!

Riding on her dad's shoulders is super fun... Notice the hair handles!

Hayden likes to bake!

Shoes are one of her favorites things to play with.

Hayden loves to play with anything after her bath... I think it's to stall, so she doesn't have to go to bed!

Hayden likes to go see Tor Tor dress up for dances!

She loves to go watch her Daddy play soccer!

She loves to pull the toilet paper off of the roll! Can you tell she just got caught doing this?

Pumpkin Patch

Hayden picked out her first pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch! It was cute for pictures, but probably not the best thing to take a 9 month old to :) She wasn't very interested in anything except getting down to the grass so that she could eat it!

First Haircut 10/17

Here is Hayden's before her haircut. You can see how much she needed one!

Here she is during her cut... She was really relaxed and didn't seem to mind at all.

Here she is after with Diane! Hay Hay says, "Thank you, Ms. Diane! I love my new do!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

9 months already?!

Hay Hay is 9 months old! Actually, she turned 9 months on October 6th... Chip and I ordered pizza that night and gave Hayden a crust and she was in love! The girl loves all food! She is not picky. If it is big girl food, then she is a fan! At her nine month check up, everything was great. She is still taller than she is wide, which is a good thing for all girls :) She is in the 25-50th percentile for weight and in the 50-75th percentile for height (I can't remember her numbers at the present moment).

Friday, October 2, 2009

Aggies, weddings, and the flu

Since I last posted, college football started. We have been to two Aggie football games so far. Hayden stayed at BB and DD's with her cousin, Maddie for the first game. They had a lot of fun. Hay didn't know what to do with their big dog, Cocoa. Our animals don't get quite that close.
Hay Hay and Mommy before heading to DD and BB's

Gig em Aggies

Cocoa tasting Hayden

"I love my big cousin!"

After dropping Hayden off, driving to College Station, watching half of the game and many, many drinks later Chip thought it would be a good idea to get in a foot race. Since he was wearing flip flops, he thought it better to just wear no shoes. On your mark, get set, go... Chip, Steve, and Andy take off through the parking lot at Kyle Field. It did not end well for Chip. He somehow took a nasty fall. I am pretty sure something jumped up and tripped him while everyone was blinking all at the same time :) I didn't turn around quick enough to catch the fall on film, but you can hear Missy scream and Chip say something when he falls. Good thing he had been drinking to endure the pain that night. The next day (and for many weeks to come) he was not so lucky!

In between games we went to Austin for my sister, Ashley's wedding. It was a blast! Congrats to the Rundalls! Hayden is ready for a cousin on her mommy's side now :) And Hay was the cutest little flower baby! Would you believe that I did not take a single picture? I know I am a bad mom! Here is pic of her at the rehearsal!

Less than two weeks later Hayden got the flu! It was the worst thing that Chip and I have ever been through. Watching your little baby suffer and just cry and look at you like, "Why aren't you helping me feel better?" Luckily, we took her to the doc early on and found Tamiflu and got her well in 6 days. I thought I knew sleep deprived... now, I do!
Poor sick baby! Still trying to smile with a 103.2 temp

Then, we had another wedding. Hay Hay sat this one out with her Grandma. Chip and I had a great time at this one too! Congrats Brittany and Kirk!

Silly Girls

Tough guys

End of the night

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to work :(

So, Hayden spent her first week with the babysitter since I had to go back to work. Monday was the hardest day of my life. Hayden didn't even notice me leaving but I was hysterical... just boohoo-ing! But everyday got a little easier. I would still rather be home with her, but at least I am not crying anymore. There is another baby girl at the babysitter's house, Avery. She is one. Her and Hay are so cute together. They get excited to see each other, and Avery is teaching Hayden how to wave.

Here are a few cute pics...

Helping with the laundry!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hayden's 6 month pictures...

...even though she is now 7 months old! I am a slacker poster :) Here are some of her 6 month pictures take on July 1st.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hayden has her first tooth! It finally popped through after days of grumpiness and constant chewing of everything. It is on the bottom on her left side. It's so cute! Am I supposed to brush it?

She is also very close to being mobile. She gets on all fours and rocks, but not much movement that way. Chip says that the motor is running but she's stuck in neutral! She can army crawl, though. Another funny thing, she gets on all fours and then straightens her back legs and hops. It is hilarious!

She is getting better and better at sitting up by herself! If only she could get back up herself after tipping over.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Call Liberty for your diabetus testing supplies..."

As some people already know, our cat, MOM, has diabetes or diabetus as we would say... She was diagnosed on June 15. We went back to the vet on the 17th for her first glucose curve to see how much insulin she needed... I went there to learn to give the shots (twice a day!) and find out that she needs half of a unit. As we are pulling out of the vet's office, another car and I slam into each other because shs is driving in the center lane... so, I wreck my car with the baby, my sister, Emily, and the cat in it. Thank goodness everyone was ok. My car- not so much. $9000 worth of damage! Anyway, Mom had to go back the vet for another glucose curve one week later and they tell us that she needs 1 unit twice per day and to come back in a week to see how that works. So, we go back again... This time they tell us she needs 2 units twice per day and come back in two weeks... Did I mention that this is costing about $100 each time we go, not counting the $500 we spend when she was diagnosed. So, I took her yesterday and now we are at 3 units twice per day! AND we have to go back in a week! UGH!!! So frustrating!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our pool is done!

So, our pool is finally done. We are trying to learn how to maintain it... Of course, no one has the same opinion on how to care for it. But we are having a lot of fun already. Hayden loves the water! She is already fearless!

Replacing Jelly Beans

I am going to cancel our baby jelly beans page and post on this... this is free! Hopefully, I will be better at keeping up with this than I have been at the other.