Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

Chip and I have been married for three years now! My how time flies and how quickly life can change in three years! We celebrated by going out to eat and exchanging cards. We ate, for the first time, at Fogo de Chao. We would totally suggest going there if you have never been, but go hungry since it's all you can eat. The service was awesome and so was the food... well worth the money for a nice dinner out.

Hay Hay wanted to be in our anniversary pic :)
Wedding party

Chip said I was pushing him out of the way with my big dress ;) It did take up most of the aisle.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally a bump pic

I went to the doc today and my blood pressure was a little high with trace amounts of protein in my urine... I suspected this since my feet have started swelling pretty badly. Dr. Putterman did not seem concerned. So, I guess I am not either. He did not check for dialation because he is going out of town this weekend and didn't want to stimulate labor, so I guess we have to wait another week... I don't want to wait until July 1, but of course will deal with it if that is what is best for Riley. Hay Hay and me at 37 weeks.

37 weeks

This was at 35 weeks with Hayden. I can't tell which baby I am bigger with... more swollen for sure with Hay.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's officially SUMMER!

Hay Hay and Maddie jumping off the rocks.
Hayden loves playing with her big cousin.

Hayden took all these bows down from her bow organizer and made me put them in our hair :)

One of her many swimsuits.

Hay is loving getting to stay up late. Here she is laying of a soft blankie playing with Daddy's phone.

Another swimsuit and her cool shades.

Hayden loves bath time. She says "bubbies" for bubbles. She knows which bottle is the bubble bath, so she acts like she is pouring it in the tub and squeals, "Bubbies!"

Daddy frequently has to "babysit" Hay's baby doll :)
She likes to pile things on Daddy when he falls asleep on the couch.