Friday, December 4, 2009

Poison Control

So, last night I had to make a call to Poison Control! The dog is on antibiotics for a tooth infection. I just put the pill in her bowl with her food in the mornings along with her arthritis medicine. When I got home yesterday, I noticed that the antibiotic was still in the bowl and all the food was gone... Apparently, Cookie is smarter than I thought. Later on, I went to stir dinner on the stove and obviously wasn't thinking about making sure that Hayden didn't make her way to the dog bowl. So, I hear the water bowl and food bowl start banging together like cymbals in the background. Oh crap! I remember that that pill was in the dog bowl. So, I run over there and it is gone! I run my fingers through Hayden's mouth- nothing. I look all around the dog bowl- nothing. So one of two things happened: Cookie ate it and I didn't notice or Hayden ate it. I freaked right about the time that Chip got home. So, I called Poison Control and they told me that the antibiotic is also prescribed to humans and that it was ok and at worst she would have stomach upset. Whew! I think I should start feeding the dog outside!

Out shopping after Thanksgiving. I know to pose with a pretty scarf on!